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Interactive Chemistry Software
Chemware Suite - Educational Chemistry CD-ROM Chemware Suite
Chemistry CD-ROM C D - R O M Includes the latest versions of all our chemistry software
Student Version It may not have the Pro versions, but it is downloadable and very affordable
Element Gorilla Plus - Learn Chemical Elements and Symbols. Software and Freeware Element Gorilla Plus - The easy way to learn all 118 chemical elements and Symbols
There's also a freeware version

Chemical Formula Tutor Software and Shareware Chemical Formula Tutor - learning those formulas is as easy as drag-drop
Add formulas and Configure different levels of difficulty.
There is a Shareware version available for download

Organic Chemistry Software and Shareware Organic Chemistry - configurable drills that help turn learners into experts
Online Quiz Take the free online Simple Alkane Naming Quiz
Student Version version 2.2 runs on Win 3.*
Also the early version 2.0 is available as a shareware download
Pro Version Organic Chemistry Pro version 3.1
comes with a database editor and can run over a network

Volumetric Analysis - Titration software Volumetric Analysis Titration Calculation Software that can be used by students and teachers
16-bit Version Volumetric Analysis v1.1
32-bit Version Volumetric Analysis v2.1

pH and Titration Curves - Acids and Bases Software pH & Titration Curves - Acids, Bases, Buffers and Titration Curves. Drills students and helps teachers
pH Calculator Try the simple VBScript pH calculator
16-bit Version pH and Titration Curves v2.1
32-bit Version  pH and Titration Curves v3.3

Electrochemical Cells - Oxidation and Reduction Software and Shareware Electrochemical Cells Virtual Battery Builders that make redox make sense.
Student Version Electrochemical Cells v1.0
Pro Version Electrochemical Cells Pro v2.2 There is a Shareware version available


Network Quiz Software
Quiz software for network PCs QuizIt Online Testing
  • Quiz students on one computer or over a network with Quiz Show
  • Create and Manage Quizzes and Report on Results with QuizMaster
  • Create multimedia tests and use any file on your computer or intranet
  • Now at version 2.0
    New Tests, Encryption, Server only database engine installation,
    New Utilities, including Exporting and Table Packing. New easy setup.


    Free Desktop Software
    Trout's Internet Clock Software and Shareware Trout's Internet Clock
  • A highly configurable Desktop Clock, Scheduler, Time Synchronizer and Time Zone Viewer all in one


    NZ School Administrators Software
    Student Achievement Reports Student Achievement Reports
    The easiest way to Report on Student Achievement for ERO, Board and Ministry Reviews!


    Physics Drills
  • 12 tiny, lightning fast, DOS based Physics programs


    Diabetes Self-Management Software
    Blood Glucose Log Book
    The easy way to keep track of blood sugar level readings


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