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How To Make Money as a Chemware Affiliate

  1. Sign Up as an Affiliate with RegNow.
    They will send you an affiliate number XXXX
  2. Select a Product and make a note of the Item ID from the table below
    e.g. Electrochemical Cells Pro has Item ID=3449-2
  3. Add your affiliate number to the link from your website,
    e.g. Your Link for selling Electrochemical Cells Pro would be:

<A HREF="">

(replacing the XXXX with your actual affiliate number)

When your visitors click the link and buy that product you will receive 30% of the sale ($22.50 for this example)

Item IDs
There are currently 7 Chemware products at RegNow:

Product Item ID   Price
Chemical Formula Tutor 3449-1       $40
Electrochemical Cells Pro 3449-2   $75
Element Gorilla Plus 3449-5   $10
Trouts Talking Internet Clock 3449-3   $10
Trouts Internet Clock 3449-4   $10
User Logger 3449-6   $49.95
Blood Glucose Log Book 3449-7   $15

RegNow independently handles all the transactions and tracking.

RegNow's tracking system works even if the visitor doesn't order just then.
You will *still* receive credit for the order say 2 months down the road.
Because RegNow tracks where the customer first heard about the product,
they will pay you no matter when or where the customer finally decides to buy!

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