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I have to take insulin 3 times a day and I like the way I can set up the program to keep track of the sugar test results before each injection.
My Doctor likes the way I can print out the results and take in to the office for him. I would email him the results, but he is not much for using email. (He's a good old fashioned Doctor.)
BG Logbook has definitely made it easier to keep track of my test results and the 11 pills I have to take daily.
Your program is a must have for the diabetic community. I can finally get away from keeping all of those bulky paper logbooks around.
Gary L. Kersey


The Blood Glucose Log Book is a big help in keeping track of my readings

Larry Beach


For people who have to take blood glucose measurements this is a great tool that can aid them in tracking and seeing how to better manage along with keeping their sugar under control.
Ron S


I have used this from the start and find it a simple way to collate everything and compile a complete report. A great effort.
Many thanks
Pat Brocklebank


My husband was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and this program provides a quick, easy record of his blood glucose levels. The accompanying graphs and averages of specified dates is an added feature that is very helpful.
Karen Lawrence


I think that your Blood Glucose Log Book is a great program and easy to use. I have only recently been diagnosed with diabetes and find the program very useful in keeping a record of my Blood Glucose levels.
Wilfred Price


You have already been more help than you can know. Your program helped my doctor identify some serious problems in the control of my diabetes, which are now being addressed. It's a great program! Unfortunately the programs for diabetics available from the U.S. do not even begin to compare to yours in regards to ease of use and providing useful information.
Thanks for your quick response to my call for help. It is really appreciated.
Mark Marshall


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