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Payment Methods:

  • Online Ordering from the secure sites on the program pages

  • or
  • A check drawn from any bank in your country,
    in your country's currency for the equivalent price in USD (U.S. Dollars).
    Do NOT send payment in U.S. dollars on a check from a non-U.S. bank.
  • Checks should be made out to Chemware Ltd

    Please use one of the Order Forms:

    Educational Software Order Form

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    Chemware Suite CD-ROM

    Quiz It! CD-ROM

    Orders are filled within 24 hours, usually sooner

    Contact Info
    Our postal address is:
    Chemware Ltd
    13 Grange Road South
    Hawkes Bay 4102
    New Zealand

    Email Addresses
    Support support@chemware.co.nz
    Sales sales@chemware.co.nz
    Author trout@iconz.co.nz

    FAX ++64 +6 8750794

    Our Home Page is at http://chemware.co.nz
    and the author has another at http://users.iconz.co.nz/trout

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