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Organic Chemistry
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Organic Chemistry drills will quickly improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject.
The Screen Shot shows Organic Chemistry Drills on Reactions.
Screen Shot - Organic Chemistry Drills on Reactions

Select the answer from the Dropdown Box which contains:
Functional Groups, Reagents, or over 200 Organic Substances
depending on the Question Type chosen

Select a Question Type... Question Types - Functional Groups, Structural Formulae, Naming, Reagents and Reactions

...And Choose what groups you want to work with 11 Functional Groups

As well as the usual online help, the help file:
Includes a full set of hypertext Student Notes, covering all 11 Functional Groups
is Context Sensitive, so Student Notes will pop up on the topic you want
has an extensive Glossary of organic chemistry terms, from Acetate ion to ZSM-5.
These terms provide popup help in the Student Notes or can be looked up separately.
Forgotten what a Functional Group is? How about Lucas Reagent ? Tollens or Benedicts ? Look them up in the glossary!

Student Notes on Carboxylic Acids

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