Organic Chemistry Pro
version 3.1
with Student Notes on 11 functional groups
and the Organic Chemistry Database Editor

Runs on a single PC or across a network

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The Interface

5 Question Types

Context sensitive help pops up for the functional group you are working on

Reaction Explorer to investigate multi-step syntheses

Configure what
Reaction Types, and
Number of Carbons
you want to work with

More Screen Shots
[ Configure Groups | Configure Number of Carbons ]

Organic Chemistry Pro includes

The Organic Chemistry Database Editor

Add and Edit any number of Reactions, Chemicals, Functional Groups and Reaction Types
Create a New Reactions by drag-drop
Preview images
Easily Edit the Images (about 150 images are included)
Alternative Naming (eg. ethanoic acid is also recognised as acetic acid)

There are about 150 Chemicals and 200 reactions already entered in the database

Registration & Purchasing

Chemware Order Form

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