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pH & Titration Curves
version 2.1

[ VBScript pH Calculator | 32-bit version ]

  • The interface
  • Options and Help
    show or hide the answer
    Use assumptions for weak acids and bases
    Round Answer
    context sensitive help
    glossary of pH terms
    contact information and internet support

    Titration Curves Application
    Edit title, labels, colours, grids etc
    Change concentrations, pKa, volumes etc
    cut, copy and paste to other applications
    add acid or base to make the pH go up or down as the titration proceeds

    randomly generate problems
    or make up your own
    open the solution window , for a detailed explanation of the answer

    Editable Boxes
    lots of acids, bases and buffers
    editable so you are not restricted to the acids, bases and buffers supplied by the pH program
    allow you to enter concentrations, pKa, pKb values and acid-conjugate base ratios
    generate solutions to problems from other sources

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