Quiz It !
Quiz Show & Quiz Master
with Free QuizIt Utilities Programs

Teachers' Testing Software
Test students on a single computer or a network of computers

Quickly and Easily Create tests to run on the school's computers
No more marking! Quiz It! can collect all the results and sort them for you

Overview - with Quiz It ! you can:

  • deliver multimedia content,
  • record sounds (for, say spelling tests or sentences in another language),
  • run any file that can be run by a Windows Association
  • format text and paragraphs, include hypertext formatting for links to Internet or your local Intranet
  • display pictures in a wide variety of formats,
  • different question styles (T/F, multichoice, Drop Down / Selection and Verbatim),
  • question randomly or sequentially,
  • sort and Print Reports on tests, students, results, or any of the Quizzes.

  • The 2 main programs...

    Quiz Master - the Teacher's Program
    Accesses, maintains and reports on a database and creates question files

    Quiz Show -the Students' Program
    Allows the students to do the tests

    The Students / Quiz Show

    Students Log in to the database

    Select from available tests

    And start answering questions
    Multimedia questions activate the media player

    Click to Enlarge

    The user's name is displayed in the Window's title bar.
    Students can view their results (and only theirs) at any time.

    The Teacher / Quiz Master

    Click to View Enlarged

    Add New Tests and Edit existing ones,
    Set Test Properties like

    Add, Edit and format questions within any Test
    Add and Import Students and Edit their Properties
    Print Reports including Tests, Students, Results

    Enquiries & Purchasing
    email info@chemware.co.nz

    NZ School Orders: Order by email email sales@chemware.co.nz
    FAX your order to us at (06) 875-0794
    International Orders: Order Form for the QuizIt CD ROM
    Online from CCV Software

    Included with the CD-ROM:

  • Full Site licence (capable of 255 simultaneous users!)
  • The price includes postage and packing, and support
  • The CD-ROM orders are processed within 24 hours
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free QuizIt Utilities programs
    With Encryption, Server only installation of the Database Engine
    Plus BDE configuration, Table packing and exporting results to Excel worksheets

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