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Trout's GIF Optimizer

Freeware to create smaller GIF files

Freeware to create smaller GIF files

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Trout's GIF Optimizer Screen Shot

Trout's GIF Optimizer shrinks GIFs without any noticable reduction of picture quality

This picture started as an 11 kB Bitmap
after optimizing ... 6 kB
finally after reducing colors ... 2 kB

It will even convert other graphics to optimized GIFs:

• Bitmaps (*.bmp)
• JPEGs (*.jpg; *jpeg)
• Icons (*.ico)
• Metafiles (*.wmf; *.emf)

Just drag-and-drop files then Save

Supports animated GIFs


Trout's GIF Optimizer icon New in GIF Optimizer

• create even smaller GIFs
• cut, copy and paste graphics to / from the Windows clipboard
• color reduction to create much smaller GIFs
• sort graphics in batch optimizations by name, size, bytes saved etc
• preview to compare the original graphics with the optimized GIFs
• Recursively search for graphics through folders and their subfolders

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Just wanted to let you know I find your GIF Optimizer very useful and that I've posted it as a free download on my Webmaster Tools page at

Thanks for sharing such a fine program!

Best regards,

Chet Fasenmyer
Dynamic Web Concepts



I just tried it out today, and it compresses better than the built-in compression of a GIF animation program I recently tried - good stuff, I'm going to keep it! :-)

Bob Thompson
Software Developer



a really good freeware tool i use it almost every time after i create a gif file to make it smaller



Your software rocks :-)

Lim Chee Aun


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The latest Version 2.3 (365 kB) is available from:

• Chemware
• Winsite
• Simtel and all their download sites

Trout's GIF Optimizer is FREE and will never expire...
... but I would really appreciate any donation you can afford, so I can continue to develop and improve the program.

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