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Trout's GIF Optimizer Help

Quick Start

1.  Back up the files
Just to be on the safe side ... Before you start it is a good idea to back up the graphics files

2.  Select Files to Optimize
There are 4 ways to do this:

The Graphics added to the list have a check next to them if they are made smaller.

3.  Sort
Click the Saved title at the top of the list to sort the list by bytes saved

4.  Examine the files
Click the Original Graphic and Optimized GIF tabs to toggle previews before and after optimization.

5.  Remove files you do not want to optimize
Uncheck the file in the list
Because JPEGs have so many colors, they do not often produce good GIFs

6.  Save
Select an Output Folder and Click the Save button


Output Folder

The Output Folder is where all the optimized GIFs will be saved
To save to the same folder as the original graphics, check the Same as Input checkbox


Clear the list

Select Edit | Clear from the menu
Right-click the list and click Clear
Click the Clear on Add button and select some more files


Background Color

To change the background color of the Preview panes:
Select Edit | Background Color from the menu
Right-click the Preview pane and click Background Color


Color Reduction

The Color Reduction button open a dialog which allows you to select various options, including palette.
After experimenting with options, you can save the color reduced GIF.

Right-Click the Preview pane in the Color Reduction and Click Save with Color Reduction.

To see all the colors in the selected palette, click the Color button.


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