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Schedule Events

What are Events?
An event can be a message, setting the time from internet (v1.8), running a program or multimedia file.
In fact you can get any file to run in it's usual way at any time.

Schedule it to be activated when the Clock Starts, Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Once Only.
Here's an Hourly Event that plays a sound

Hourly Chime
So now you can set reminders and alarms, or get a program to run whenever you like.

New Option in v1.8
Set Adjust the Time events to schedule your clock to update the time on your computer to the correct time from the Atomic Clock or NTP server on Internet that you have chosen

New Talking Option in v2.1
Get Microsoft Agents to pop up and use the Text-to-Speech engine
to actually speak the Time, Date or any other message you set.

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