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Keeping Clock Settings
A quirk of the program is that it has to be closed to retain some of the settings (including which picture is used).
To do this Right-Click the clock, and click Exit

Media Events
TICs onboard Media Player lists a few file types, but you are not limited to these.
Chances are you can play any media file that has support on your system, including streaming media.
To play MP3, RMI, AU, SND, AIF, WMA, ASF, MOV, MPG, etc:
Select All Files (*.*) in the Event Details dialog or drag-and-drop the file.
If after clicking the Test button it doesn't work you can still play it with its associated program,
by selecting the Run a Program option.

Change Text
To change any text in TIC windows (including File Types in Media Events above):

  1. Create a Text file in notepad (or any other ascii editor) and type the text you want to change then "=" then the new text.

  2. e.g. To Change "Exit" to "Quit", type Exit=Quit
  3. Save the file to the Lang folder as Jargon.txt
  4. Right-Click the clock and change Language to Jargon
  5. Close the clock and restart it.

  6. The Template.txt and Deutsch.txt files contain the strings you can change.

Translate TIC to another Language
Create a Language, following the directions in Change Text (above), but save the file as Language.txt (e.g. Deutsch.txt)
If you would like to add a language, please
let me know

Create a Digital Clock (Registered Users only)
Select Change Appearance in the configuration window, and
in the Hands tab, select Nop for mode (No Operation) - this will hide the hands, then
in the Caption tab select a time format from the drop box next to Clock Text.

There are 5 different date / time formats to choose from, and of course any font.

FAQ & Bugs . . .

MP3 Playlist Events - Thanks Sébastien Juvet
To get TIC to play an MP3 Playlist:

  1. Open your MP3 player (Windows Media Player, WinAmp etc)
  2. Export the playlist to a folder
  3. Create a new Event in TIC
  4. Drag-and-Drop the exported playlist to the Event Details dialog
  5. (or select it with the File button)

"After installation, when I click on tic.exe, the clock as well as the help dialog are displayed.
Is there anyway to start the program without the help dialog being displayed i.e. with only the clock face being displayed?"

  • Yes, just uncheck the Startup help in the Scheduling part of TIC ("Schedule an Event")
  • What does the EOleSysError mean?
    You are running the Talking Version 2.1 but Microsoft Agent is not installed on your computer.

  • Download the updated version 2.3 (946 kB), or
  • Download the (free) components for the Talking Version - Check out what is needed, or
  • Download the Standard Version (920 kB) - Choose a download site
  • "I cannot shutdown if the clock is running in Windows 2000 German Version" - Helmut Bauknecht
    This problem has been solved and is implemented in v2.3
    Many thanks to Michael Bond for his patience and many attempts with new rebuilds!

    ESockError 10093 "Successful WSAStartup not yet performed"
    Means TCP/IP protocol has not been installed.
    Install it by right-clicking the Network Neighborhood icon and choosing Properties,
    or by double-clicking the Network icon in the Control Panel.
    Then click Add, choose Protocol and select Microsoft TCP/IP

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