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Enhance your digital memories with ease.
This intuitive tool allows you to add captions to your photos — be it names, dates, places, or events — without altering the original image.

Place your captions above or below the photo to preserve the moment as it was.

Not just a captioning tool, Image Captioner doubles as an efficient JPEG viewer, smartly utilizing embedded data to ensure each photo is displayed correctly.
Navigate through your images with a simple swipe or click, experiencing a seamless browsing journey.

Elevate your organization game by saving your images with tags.
This powerful feature transforms the way you search in Windows Explorer, making it a breeze to locate your cherished photos.
Tagged images stand out, ensuring you can find them effortlessly when memories call.

Image Captioner Screen Shot

settings button Settings
button Select a picture
copy button Copy to the Clipboard
paste button Paste from the Clipboard
save button Save with caption
(in the Preview tab)
Previous Button Previous Jpeg in the selected folder
Next Button Next Jpeg in the selected folder

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